Working from Home: You, Yourself and Your Space

by | Apr 2, 2020 | Tips by Noou

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You can get out of bed 5 minutes before you’re meant to be at your desk, there’s definitely no gym to go to and no-one has to know that you’ve been wearing the same pair of sweatpants for 3 days so what’s the point in getting dressed anyway? Sound familiar? Well, things might be like this for a little while so it’s time to create a new normal for yourself – the key point being that it’s all for YOU.

Does wearing a shirt help you feel smarter? Then put it on! Just because no one is there to witness it, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t bother, if it makes you feel good then you should definitely don one anyway.

At the same time, don’t feel obligated to get suited and booted for a Zoom call. Find your comfy smart-casual. For me that’s jeans, a shirt and a bit of mascara and weirdly, sometimes even heels even though I’m at home – sounds strange but if it helps get stuff done then who are we to argue?

Having said all of this, looking after yourself doesn’t just involve your personal appearance, it also includes your personal and professional space. Make sure your professional space is always tidy because when you’re in a tidy space, you can focus on what’s important. Seeing as most people are set-up in their living space, this point extents to that space too. No need to go full Kim and Aggie, just a bit of de-cluttering will do but I won’t nag you on this one, you know what needs doing.

All in all, I hope you understand that one of the most important things about working from home is looking after yourself. From what you wear to what how tidy your space is and most importantly, how you feel about yourself. Working from home might not feel like a walk in the park at the moment but I promise that making that little extra effort to feel like yourself will go a long way and you’ll feel a lot more in control of your life despite everything that’s happening.

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Take care for now!

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