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Let’s face it. Life has been stressful and our anxieties’ best friend is food. We’ve also been bored and boredom’s best friend is food too. Plus we’ve been locked in a house with food at our disposal for lord knows how long now. Well it’s time to take back control. There’s a few ways to do this:

Making sure you have a proper breakfast is super doubley, triple important when working from home because food is so accessible when you’re metres from the kitchen, so if you’re not already full, I can guarantee you’ll be battling yourself about snacking all morning anyway. So just have that big breakfast. You’ll thank yourself come 11 o’clock. Breakfast doesn’t have to be a instagram worthy smoothie bowl or perfectly poached eggs either, just make something you love!

I usually make my lunch the night before even though I’m at home. Why? a) So I know that I’ve got a set meal and won’t reach for a pack of biscuits and b) so I can just grab it and eat, just like if I was in an office. Having said that, it is easier to make fresh meals when you’re already at home so treat yourself to fancy lunch if you want!

You’re still allowed snacks, just think about when and how many. It’s a good idea to have a 3pm pick me up of maybe a couple of biscuits and a banana (because life’s about balance) or some popcorn. The key to snacking though is to portioning your snack. If you keep a share bag of Doritos on your desk, you’ll no doubt finish it before you realise. Put a portion in to a bowl and the bag back in the cupboard so you can mindlessly munch in control.

Dinner is different for everyone, whether it’s a household affair or meal for one, how you do dinner is up to you but what I will say this: don’t do any work after it. Have dinner at the end of your day as a stopping point between work time and personal time, otherwise you’ll find it incredibly difficult to end your business day.

Meals are the perfect way to socialise and be close to your family. Everyone has their own worries right now, even the little ones can feel the stress, so take advantage of meal times. Take it easy, talk together, laugh together and most importantly, make good memories whilst looking after yourself.

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