Working from Home: Start New Routines

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Part of the reason you’re still feeling so overwhelmed is probably because your normal has been turned upside down and you’re yet to find your new routine, which is completely understandable. A great place to start is by looking at your usual routine and see how you can adapt it for self-isolation. Do you usually grab yourself a coffee before clocking in? Make yourself a cuppa before you hit your desk. Do you usually hit the gym? Youtube workouts are a thing! Usually drive to work? Sit in your car! Ok, maybe that one isn’t great but you get my point…

Transitioning to a new routine is always awkward at first but you will get in to it and it’ll completely change your life. If you need a hand thinking about your routine, here’s an example:

7:00am – Hit the alarm and change straight into workout clothes before you can change your mind

7:10am – To the living room for a Youtube workout or some yoga – anything to get you moving! If you can’t face squats or stretching, Just Dance is a super fun way to get moving too!

8:00am – Shower, get dressed in jeans and a shirt and do your hair or make-up as if you’re actually going out (check out our post about this here : ) – you might have to have a conference call anyway so it’s good to always be prepared.

8:30am – Breakfast time! Also now is a good time to catch up on news, messages and social media or spend some quality time with the kids.

9:00am – Be at your workspace ready for the day ahead if you do the 9 – 5.

12:30pm – Lunch time! Make sure you leave your workspace for lunch, working through lunch everyday is a recipe for burn out and meals are such a great way to ensure you spend quality time with your family.

1pm – Back to my workspace! With more coffee of course.

3pm – Snack time – honestly my favourite time of the day- it’s always a good idea to stretch your legs and grab a small bite half way through the afternoon to keep up morale.

5pm – Log out, shut down.* This is a great time to take your walk. It helps massively to differentiate between work and home time and let’s you wind down from your busy day.

5:45/6pm: Time to get the chores out the way, play with the kids or catch up with friends.

7pm: Dinner time! If there’s ever a time to put a little more effort in to healthy home meals, it’s now! Don’t be afraid to try something new or simply learn to perfect an old favourite.

8pm: It’s time to start winding down. Whether that is binge watching Tiger King or something crafty like baking or sewing or you might want to spend that time with your family. As long as it makes you happy, it’s important to make time for it. Life’s too short to work through your evening.

10:00pm – Curl up with a good book and a cuppa to help switch off from the day.

11pm – Snooze time

*It’s important that you’re strict on when you switch off. When you’re in an office, it’s easy to leave work at the door but at home this line can get blurry. You end up picking up emails during your own time and trust me, this will only stress you out more than leaving it until the morning.

Of course your routine could be completely different depending on what you have going on in life but it’s a good place to start.

I always recommend writing down your intended routine otherwise it can be hard to stick to – now I know what you’re thinking: “I’m an adult, I can remember that, I’ll stick to it in my head!” – maybe that will be true in the long run but whilst you’re getting used to your new normal, jotting down your schedule will help you stick to it.

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